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peneplain n : a more or less level land surface representing and advanced stage of erosion undisturbed by crustal movements [syn: peneplane]

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  1. A region of faint or low relief, a based-level plain.

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A peneplain is the final stage in fluvial or stream erosion.
After the streams in an area have reached base level, lateral erosion is dominant - as the streams erode the highland areas between them. Finally, the upland is almost gone: the stream floodplains merge in an area of very low to no topographic relief. The resulting flat plain is the ultimate stage in the cycle of erosion or geographical cycle.
The streams within a peneplained region show extensive meandering and braiding. If the area is subsequently uplifted due to adjacent orogenic processes, without internal deformation within the peneplain, the streams will again begin downward erosion - creating incised meanders, water gaps, and other unique geomorphic features.
A peneplain can be mistaken for a depositional plain. However, the rocks beneath a peneplain have been folded and tilted by tectonic forces, while the rocks beneath a depositional plain lie in horizontal layers.
The peneplain concept was developed early in the 1900s by the geomorphologists, William Morris Davis and Walther Penck.
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